Mark, Toxie and Fan SDCC
Mark, Toxie and Fan SDCC
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TOXIC TUTU would not have been possible were it not for Mark Torgl and Lloyd Kaufman, Team TROMA and the multitude of FANS who have stepped forward with talent, skills, resources and a love for THE TOXIC AVENGER. To them I owe my deepest gratitude!
This film intends to serve the generations of fans who have experienced THE TOXIC AVENGER – members of a community who DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! I also believe TOXIC TUTU will create an interest in THE TOXIC AVENGER for an entirely new generation of fans. Especially, if you grew up watching THE TOXIC CRUSADERS, like many of the fans who are helping us make TOXIC TUTU did.
TOXIC TUTU is a fictional entertainment experience based loosely on THE TOXIC AVENGER, which in my opinion is actually a master piece. It’s makers should be heralded for their achievement, not bullied out of the “Hollywood” establishment! I want to give a BIG shout out to Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz personally, for standing up for their own artistic rights and the free expression of all artists that they have advocated for for over forty years!
As a filmmaker, I hope you will consider boldly celebrating your differences, while willingly appreciating the likenesses we all have as human beings. Mark, Lloyd and all of the cast and crew who have stepped up to help us make TOXIC TUTU have role modeled this for me. I am honored and grateful to be making this film with them and for all of you!
Thanks so much!

Joe Nardelli
Toxic Tutu Feature Film