What is Toxic Tutu?

TOXIC TUTU™ is a mockumentary feature film that chronicles the emergence of Mark Torgl, who starred as Melvin the Mopboy in the legendary cult film classic “The Toxic Avenger”.

After a thirty-year absence as the superhero and star of this Troma classic, a dark truth unfolds on-camera as Mark embarks upon a year-long journey into the monster convention circuit.

During this tour fans begin to speculate that the toxic wastes used on the set of the “Toxic Avenger” were real, causing concerns that Mark may have developed a hideous disfiguration, which, they surmise kept him in hiding all these years.

In Toxic Tutu you will discover secrets about occurrences that took place on the set of the original movie, and how this changed Mark’s life forever. The film also honors Troma fans and strays into themes such as: sexual exploitation; being different; and gratuitous violence making certain to avoid boring, politically correct rhetoric about these themes.

The film contains documentary style interviews with fans and guest celebrities, original narrative scenes with a mock docudrama feel, a blend of original newsreel footage and commentary, still photos and archive material all precisely edited to reach a shocking Good vs Evil climax that is wicked and unanticipated.

You will find great moments of pleasure and titillation woven into the realism of this Toxic Tutu experience. So, brace yourself for the unexpected…